Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Would you benefit from an Anti-Fatigue mat? Four easy questions to help you know. 

These four simple questions will help you determine if an anti-fatigue or cushioning mat is right for you. In many cases, anti-fatigue mats can help reduce pain and discomfort in standing situations.

1. How long will you be on your feet?
Whether you are washing dishes, cutting hair or working at a counter, standing can hurt. If you will be on your feet for more than 10 minutes at a time, using an anti-fatigue mat can be a benefit.

2. Can you place your mat somewhere out of traffic?
Most anti-fatigue mats have tapered edges to prevent tripping. But using an anti-fatigue mat in a high traffic area can wear the mat prematurely and become an obstacle for wheeled traffic. If you have a place out of the main traffic flow where you can place your anti-fatigue mat, this will be ideal.

3. How hard is your standing surface?
Concrete, tile, and stone are the hardest surfaces that can result in the most discomfort. Vinyl or wood flooring is also hard on feet. A plush carpet or matted surface will give more organic comfort The harder your surface, the more you need an anti-fatigue mat.

4. Do you move around a lot?

If you are standing in the same spot for longer periods of time without walking or moving, you will feel immediate benefits for using a quality anti-fatigue mat.


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