Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When to use a vinyl loop open-back mat

Is that plastic spaghetti? Or a pile of silly string. This unusual looking mat is sometimes just what you need. While the vinyl loop mat isn't as popular as some other outdoor styles, there are several good reasons to use an open-back vinyl loop mat:

  • Your area is very wet or has flowing water
  • You need to be able to lift the mat and sweep away the debris underneath
  • You can't use an absorbent mat because of standing water 
  • Your need your mat to be gentle on bare feet

The key identifying feature of a good quality vinyl loop mat is that is is unbacked. This means no solid slab on the underside of the mat. A good vinyl loop mat will be thick -- at least a half inch -- to stand up to heavy foot traffic, and it will have a beveled edge for safety. And importantly, a vinyl loop mat will have an open back to allow debris and water to flow through the mat to the cement underneath.

Vinyl loop mats with open-back costruction are used exclusively outdoors, because the mat simply sifts dirt and debris to the bottom. This makes for easy outdoor cleaning. Simply lift and sweep!

Our Wayfarer brand vinyl loop mats are highly durable, anti-microbial to resist mildew and easy to hose or shake clean. 


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