Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Will Rock Salt and Ice Melt harm your Interior Floors?

Salt is an easy and effective way to melt dangerous ice and snow. Used outdoors, rock salt and commercial ice melt can be a great way to prevents slips and falls. 

However, what happens when this rock salt is tracked into your building? Dark spots can form on your carpets. Additionally, hard surfaces such as wood or tile, can become slick. 

How can you enjoy the outdoor benefits of using an ice melt without sacrificing your indoor flooring?

  • Use an outdoor rubber scraper mat to stop most of the salt from entering your building.
  • Once inside, use a walk-off interior mat. We recommend a launderable mat for winter traffic. The mat will trap and maintain the rock salt before it reaches your floor.
  • Vacuum your mats frequently throughout the day to remove excess salt.
  • Mop up ice melt on hard surfaces quickly to reduce the chance of your floor becoming slippery
  • When possible, wash mats in using hot water or use a hot-water extraction cleaning. Our Classic Carpets mats are 100% launderable and great for high traffic areas.
The benefits of using a salt ice melt certainly outweigh the disadvantages. With a little attention, you can be sure that both your exterior cement and your interior floors are safe and protected. 


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