Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Preparing your home and garage entrances for winter

Many of my "back east" customers are calling. They are getting ready for the inevitable coming of snow, ice and water at their door ways and in their garages. 

What can you do to ready your entrances for winter?

The first line of defense is an outdoor mat. For this time of year, we recommend using a non-absorbent rubber mat outdoors, paired with an absorbent indoor mat. This tag-team combination will give you the best protection for your floors and doorways. Your non-absorbent outdoor mats will provide scraping action and slip protection, but won't also absorb the season's falling rain and snow melt. That's the good news! But the non-absorbent outdoor mat also won't dry shoes. That's where you'll want to pair your mat with an absorbent one inside like the Waterhog Premier door mat or the Classic Carpets entrance mat. Pairing with an absorbent indoor mat definitely offers you the best coverage. 

But what about your garage? That first magical day of snow can soon wind up as a puddle on your garage floor, creating slip hazards and messes. You want to use the same rule of thumb as you use in your entrance -- and outdoor mat and indoor mat, when possible. But if you anticipate a lot of snow melt off your cars, you'll need to take it one step further. A containment mat works wonders for heavy snow areas. Or for smaller wet areas, an oil absorbing mat can double as a water absorber also.


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