Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Is a garage containment mat right for you?

It's not quite winter yet in Utah. But the colored trees on the mountain remind me that soon the snow will fly. That means the snow will also get tracked into the garage.

The worst part of winter is when I pull my ice-and-snow covered car into the garage, only to come out later to find a grimy puddle of water under the car. Or worse yet, melted snow all over the garage. 

Want to contain that water? Then the Clean Park is perfect for you. This sturdy vinyl sheet snaps onto raised edges to form a container for melted snow and water. The edges are tough enough to stand up to your tires driving over it. 

What can a containment mat do for your garage and home? The Park Smart Clean Park mat catches every drop of mud, snow and grime that falls off your car. This keeps the garage floor clean and eliminates the problem of tracking mud and grime into your house. 

For best results, you want to choose the right size Clean Park for your garage and car. Unlike some of our other garage flooring products that are designed to fill your garage from wall-to-wall, the Clean Park is a containment mat made to fit your car only. Because the Clean Park can be slippery when wet, it is recommend that you choose a size that will enable you to easily park your entire vehicle on the mat while still allowing room for a walkway around your vehicle. The idea is that you park ON the mat, then step OFF the mat when getting out of the car. 

More good news: After listening to customer surveys and feedback, we've made a design change. No more big letters. The Clean Park logo will now be only small and more subtle on the edge of the mat, as pictured above. Even more to enjoy!


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