Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Clean Your Door Mat

Take good care of your door mat and it will take good care of you.Cleaning a door mat is easy, especially when you use a quality rubber-backed entrance mat.

  • Weekly: Vacuum, sweep or shake it off. This is easy. Just do your weekly door mat cleaning at the same time you sweep or vacuum your other floors.
  • Monthly: Check for stains or ground in gum, dirt, or hair. This is a good time to use a bristle brush and a dab of orange de-greaser or spray carpet cleaner to clean up trouble spots
  • Seasonally: Machine wash or hose off your mat. Many of my mats can be laundered in your home washer or commercial washer. For rubber mats or non-launderable styles, take it outside and hose it off. If the mat is really dirty, consider taking it to the car wash to power blast it. Hang to dry. 


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