Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter is messy. We can help.

Here in Utah, we've settled into what I affectionately call, the Smog Death of January. The holidays are over. And our natural Utah valleys create a winter inversion that traps pollution and cold down near the valley floor. Basically, it's dreary and miserable.

There is hope... and it's called February and is right around the corner.

In the meantime, January is a good time to take a second look at your flooring protection. Hopefully, you are already maintaining a quality entrance mat at your doorway. But what about other areas of your building?

  • Identify high traffic areas. Do people congregate around the snack bar? A particular counter? The copier? Find that high traffic area and place a quality indoor mat such as the Classic Carpet during winter. 
  • What areas collect moisture? There are the usual suspects, like drinking fountains and sinks. But in the winter time, moisture is sometimes collected near cold windows or little-used back doors that in summer months don't pose a problem. Consider placing an absorbent mat such as the Waterhog for extra winter coverage. 
  • Do you have slippery spots? In summer, many buildings can get away with using one mat only at the entrance. But with winter wet and snow, you may have extended areas that are in need of slip protection. An outdoor rubber scraper mat can work double duty, even inside, during high storm season to protect you and your customers. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The best door mats for stopping those pesky dog footprints

If I had a magical dog-paw cleaning mat, I would be a millionaire! This is certainly an issue that many of my dog-loving customers deal with everyday: How to keep floors clean with a dog running in and out all day.

While there is no one "magic dog" door mat, here are a few keys tips to help minimize dirt and grime coming in with the dogs.

First, like any matting situation, you should determine what kind of dirt is coming in the door on your dogs' paws. Do you have a lot of mud and wet debris? Or is it mostly dust and dry dirt?

If you have wet and muddy dirt coming in the door, you'll need an absorbent mat. My best selling absorbent entry mat is the Waterhog. This product will act as a scraper mat (taking large debris off paws and shoes) as well as an absorbent mat.

If you have mostly dry debris coming in with the dogs, you will want a softer, carpet-like mat. Look for one with a twisted yarn top -- like a shag carpet. A mat with a "shag carpet" type surface will grab small, dry dirt. Then the dirt will be sifted to the bottom of the mat, away from the surface, to avoid the dreaded re-track. The dirt will remain on the bottom of the mat until you vacuum or clean it away. A good example of a soft carpet mat is the Classic Carpets mat.

Lastly, just like their lazy human counterparts, dogs usually do not pause to wipe their paws on the mat. So follow this rule of thumb when choosing your door mat-- the larger the better. A little 18" x 27" door mat is going to be nothing but a chew toy in terms of stopping dirt. Aim for the largest mat your area can accept. That way, there is more matting surface to clean those pesky dog paws.