Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Match Made in Hog Heaven 
An internet search connected an arthritic pig and a local door mat distributor, bringing a bit of hog heaven to one really big piggy. 
Erika Wilde, owner of, says she receives around a hundred e-mails a day.  But there was something unusual about the email she received last week from Yvonne McIntosh at the piggy department at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.  
As McIntosh's email explained, Miss Brit, a 100-pound pot bellied pig, needed some cushioned matting for her arthritic front feet. And had just the product: a cushioning anti-fatigue mat called Hog Heaven.
I didn't name the mat, said Wilde. The Hog Heaven is the actual manufacturer's product name. The mat is made in Dalton, GA by a mat mill whose best seller is the Water-hogdoormat, said Wilde. I guess the makers were just trying to stick with the hog theme. 
The coincidence was almost comical for McIntosh, the pig's caretaker. She was surprised to find a product that her pig needed that was actually called Hog Heaven. 
Wilde says she sells a lot of the Hog Heaven anti-fatigue mats for offices, but this is the first time an "office pig" will use the mat.
Doesn't everyone have an office pig? said McIntosh.  
Wilde's company donated the matting to Best Friends which is a no-kill animal shelter that on any given day cares for about 1,500 dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and, of course, pigs. 
We had some cheaply made mats that were really garbage in comparison to the new mats, said McIntosh. I used to have an auto restoration and hot rod shop so I liken the old mats to a junky old car and your mats to a new Cadillac! 
Miss Brit is about 14 years old, which is "mature" for pot bellied pigs.  Brit weighs about 100 lbs.  She was obese at one time due to poor care. Because of her extra weight, she suffered damage to her front legs including stress fractures to the bones.  She then lost the excess weight and had excess skin on her stomach and was stepping on it. 
When I arrived [at Best Friends] she barely wanted to walk more that a few feet, said McIntosh. I'm into holistic animal care and so I put her on supplements targeting arthritis and inflammation, started physical therapy which consists of massage and range of motion exercises and now she does rather well considering what damage was done to her legs. 
Miss Brit spends her days and nights in the office. The floor is linoleum, so the pig was having a lot of difficulty getting traction and would slip often. 


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