Thursday, August 10, 2006

How can I stop dirt at the door without using an "industrial" looking door mat?

Thanks to some great forward-thinking mat manufacturers, you no longer have to sacrifice style for dirt-stopping door mat coverage.

One of my best sellers for years at has been the Waterhog. This mat comes with the option of a fabric border to soften the look and make it less industrial appearing. With the Waterhog Classic in the fabric border, however, you lose the famous Waterhog water-dam.

So the Andersen company that makes the Waterhog, now has made an even better option in the Waterhog Premier which is available with the fabric border AND a built in water dam that is incorporated into the fabric's surface pattern.

But your good-looking mat options don't stop there: Check out the Grand Premier mat. This one is available with a beautiful half oval sunburst. It has all the same dirt-stopping power that has made the Waterhog a best seller. But in a beautiful new pattern curved pattern.

So don't fall prey to a "pretty" door mat that is going to be worthless in a few weeks. Choose a top-quality beautiful AND functional mat.


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